our story

Our mission

Our mission at Baladi is not only to serve authentic Arabic food, with a specialty in Syrian flavors, but also to unify the Clifton neighborhood and Cincinnati community by welcoming all people who love delicious food through our doors.


Baladi in Arabic means "my country" which is exactly how we want our guests to feel, right at home.


It has been a long time family dream to share the food we love with the city we love.



Cincinnati you are Baladi. 

our passion

Food is an amazing and integral part of our lives. Not only does it sustain us physically but it nourishes us socially as we meet friends for a meal or have family over for dinner.


the team


As a family operation, we are proud and honored to have members of the local Syrian refugee community on our team. If it is only for a short while to jump start their new lives or as long term members of our team, we seek out those in our community who need a running start. 


The Arab culture is deeply rooted in hospitality and generosity. At Baladi we will make sure you are greeted with a warm smile and leave with your hunger satisfied.